How To Adapt Paint Brushes With Model Magic

Step 1: Find the optimal grip position. Different brush sizes and styles may require different gripping positions for the same person.

  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Egg Shaped


Step 2: Mold the model magic around the brushes and wait around a week for the model magic to fully dry. When the model magic is dry it will feel hard and light. If you use the brush before the clay is dry, you will smash the grip.

Step 3: Pull the model magic handles off of the brushes and re-attach them using a strong adhesive.

  • EZ bond
  • Weldbond


Additional Notes


  • You can use this technique to alter the grip of objects other than paint brushes.
  • When the clay drys it’s ultra light.


  • You must be careful not to get the clay wet when you wash your brushes.
  • Placing the grip modification at the end of the paint brush creates a long lever arm. This makes the brush harder to control than if the brush was gripped closer to the bristles.
  • The grips are not easily reusable.