How To Adapt Paint Brushes For Increased Control

In the previous post I discussed brush modification using model magic. This technique uses model magic to create an adapted grip and a shortened  brush and/ or brush hairs to increase controlled movement.

Step 1: Choose the right brushes for modification. You are going to be cutting the brush handle so the easiest option to work with is wood.

Step 2: Shorten the brush handles. Thin brushes can be snapped in half using two sets of pliers. Thicker brushes will  require a saw. If you don’t want to deal with a saw consider the thickness of the brush handles when you choose the set of brushes you are going to modify. You can also attempt to remove the entire brush handle from the metal clamp holding the brush hairs. Some brushes are connected better than others.

Shortened Brush Handles

Step 3: Add the appropriate  grip using model magic. Wait for the clay to completely dry, then permanently glue the grip onto the brush. For more information, see Simple Brush Modification Using Model Magic.

Adaptive Brushes For Increased Control

Step 4: You can also shorten the brush hairs to increase control, but you will loose the shape of the brush.

Additional Notes

  • I want to look into the possibility 0f purchasing the brush hairs without the handles and different styles of brushes that may be stiffer and shorter.