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The reality that everything emerges from and returns to one.


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This is a blog documenting life as artist. I show the thought process and experience behind creating. I show you what inspires me, the local exhibits I explore and the endless questions that keep me up at night.  Sometimes I write posts specifically intended for the public, however much of the time this is simply a place to keep my thoughts organized. Welcome to my crazy colorful world!

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Unus Mundus Art by St. Louis Artist Jasmine Raskas

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What Is Unus Mundus?

The latin term Unus Mundus most literally translates to “one world”. Psychologist Carl Jung expanded upon the original meaning to describe the idea of a collective unconscious and the emergence of a new reality from human cognizance itself, emphasizing the organic interconnectedness of all parts and particles of the universe.  Unus Mundus lays the scaffolding for a reality in which our external and internal realms are one in the same, a dreamscape where matter and soul are one.  Constructing a world where the observer is directly connected to the observed, now a well-known phenomenon in particle physic deemed, the observer effect. Yung’s Unus Mundus goes beyond space and time and includes the idea of transcendent unity. The creator and the creation are linked at the same energy source.  This parallels the same proposals found by physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, who independently proposed holographic models of reality.

Artist’s Statement 

I view art as a tool to understand the world around us. The sciences and humanities each look at the world through their own lens but don’t offer a way to synthesize a broader view of this existence. I believe art can be thought of as the master of all science. I use art to study and explore relationships between multiple fields of study. Being only 24, I have quite a considerable science background. I’ve made micro chips that regulate the electrical conductance of muscles, used lasers to measure bond lengths between individual atoms, and listened for weeks to the sound of a monkey’s neuron. My art is a part of my quest for knowledge.

I start a piece by comparing and contrasting several complex concepts. I strive to unify and simplify the mysteries of life. I use universal symbols to represent a pure existence beyond sociological bias. I work with geometric patterns found at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels to represent existence outside the human scale. I enjoy studying the nature of matter, light, and sound. Much of my work is inspired by modern physics and encompasses an artist’s view of string theory and a holographic reality. To understand the transfer of energy, I turn to philosophical questions that explore the relationship between thought and action. We all have an inner voice that cannot be properly translated into the generic language of words. I speak in paint to escape ideology. I wish to create outside of time, culture, and size.

My paintings bridge the gap between abstract and surreal. I blur the lines between accident and occurrence, between chaos and order. Due to physical limitations, I’ve learned to embrace a style that encourages randomness and makes use of shaky lines and awkward curves. My brushstrokes are in constant motion to create a rhythm out of my weak and fatigued joints.

I believe the ultimate painting goal is to cultivate unrepeatable work, which evolves on a moment-to-moment basis, yet still embodies a single message. Sometimes my messages are deep and philosophical, made up of sacred truths. Other times these messages are in the form of question or even a joke. I use art as an opportunity to acknowledge our limitations of reason and to rethink our current understanding of reality

My art is inspired by the colors and shapes found in nature, the philosophy of a collective consciousness, and the theories of reality that unite science and soul. To be certain is not to know. The goal of my art is to make you smile and then smirk. I invite you to slow down and think. Take a moment to wonder why. Remember how tiny we are compared to the stars, and yet how big can be a single heart. Feel that we are all in this together and believe that every moment is as beautiful as you make it.

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